Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Writing for Writers #6

Here's an Iron & Wine lyric from "White Tooth Man": "The postman cried while reading the mail".

Write the scene.

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Anonymous said...

It’s a long way
out here
you’ve got me by the,

a slit in the curtains
unsheathing the living
room and
crouched on the carpet
you are. You are,
it’s a long way out here.

The man on the concrete
has something to say,
there is an ocean-bed inactivity to this place, nothing but another dead-end
and he’s reading a galaxy
of ink under his fingertips;
incantation failing.

There is a long way
and a storm ran past, the wind
picking up, too proud some said
we were still lined on
the floor with wet faces
the solemn wall and
the post man outside crying.